Hope Rohr, RN, CNM
Hope knew from an early age that she was interested in educating and caring for others. Though it wasn’t until she saw her first birth in 2006, that she knew what she was called to do. Hope then finished her undergraduate and began searching for a Direct Entry Nursing program. Hope attended Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI specializing in Nurse Midwifery. During the program she worked full time as a Labor and Delivery RN. After graduation in 2012, Hope moved to Atlanta. Hope particularly enjoys caring for such a diverse population that Atlanta Medical Center serves. Whether their interest is a fully unmedicated water birth or a birth with an epidural, each patient deserves great care without judgment.

“I have always held the belief that women are innately strong. Part of my job is to help them harness that strength. The other part is to assist them in achieving the most healthy, safe, and satisfying birth that they desire.”

In her spare time, Hope enjoys working out and spending time with her husband. She loves running and Crossfit. Hope loves to laugh and don’t be surprised if she cracks a few jokes or dances for you.

Lathan Overstreet, MD
Dr. Overstreet is our backup physician and works along side of our midwives to manage the more complex medical needs of our patients.  Lathan graduated from Morehouse College. He received his Doctorate of Medicine from Wayne State in Detroit, Michigan.  He successfully completed his residency at Atlanta Medical Center and is Board Certified and a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology living and practicing in Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Overstreet