Common Discomforts of Pregnancy

Discomfort What to Do
Backache Exercise • Abdominal Support • Heating Pad to Back
Constipation Increase fluids • Increase fruits, vegetables, fiber
Dizziness Small, frequent meals • Increase fluids • Slow movement changes (lying/sitting to standing) • Rest
Heartburn Small, frequent meals • Antacids • No lying down within 2 hours of eating
Headache Tylenol (if not better call OB) • Increase fluids
Hemorrhoids Avoid constipation • See safe meds in pregnancy
Insomnia (Difficulty sleeping) Pillows/support • Relaxation exercises • Meditation
Leg Cramps Massage area • Heat to area • Stretching • Calcium/Magnesium Supplements
Nasal Bleeding/stuffiness Tilt head forward and squeeze nostrils for bleeding • Humidifier
Nausea/Vomiting Crackers • Small, frequent meals • Bland foods
Round Ligament Pain Warm compress • Tylenol • Change position • Support abdomen
Sciatica Stretching • Heat • Chiropractic care
Shortness of Breath Avoid sleeping on back
Vaginal Discharge (increased) Can be normal in pregnancy.  Call for appt if vaginal burning, irritation, itching or odor.
Varicose Veins Support socks • Avoid Prolonged Standing